7 Common Mistakes Beginner Programming Students Make

Learning something new always comes with many errors. This idea should not worry you. However, in as much as learning from your errors, these are common mistakes beginner programming does and is something viable, there is a need to avoid some completely. There are mistakes when you do, waste your time for nothing.

Common mistakes that beginner programming students make

  1. Not asking for help on how to master a programming language

Many students do not ask for help on how to master programming language. Coding is not something easy for beginners. It requires teamwork, consultation, and constant communication with colleagues to master and solve problems.

It is not wrong asking for help. It is the best solution to seek quality assistance that will solve your problem once. You can find help from an online programming tutor, ask your instructor after programming class, and other online sources; YouTube. You can also do learning from mistakes quote programming available online.

  1. Failure to create a backup when using your laptop to program

Failing to create backups is one of the common mistakes beginner programming students make. It is not good to lose your work after spending an hour doing it due to power outages. Therefore, students should utilize the backup tools that are available by creating automatic backups.

  1. Relying on comments when doing programming

Many programming beginners’ students fail when it comes to how to master a programming language by relying too much on comments. However, detailed comments help during the first steps of programming but relying on them too much will cost you. Self-relying code is better and easier to use.

  1. Applying exam reading methods to programming

One of the common mistakes beginner programming students make is memorizing what is in PowerPoint. This method only applies when reading exams. When it comes to programming, try to understand the concept and apply it practically. Programming is all about the bigger view and complicated ideas that require you to use your knowledge to solve problems. Relying on memorization patterns will make you pass in college. However, you will encounter challenges when you go to the actual fiend after college.

  1. Using unpredictable format

Many programming students avoid learning mistakes quote programming to grasp correct formats when coding. Many of them use white spacing, new lines, and indentation to format their work. Many programming languages do not require any formatting because it does not have any strict rules on formatting. However, when dealing with programming format with thousand of lines requires indentation. Without indentations makes your work is incomprehensible.

  1. Doubting your capability of mastering programming

There are several stories on sucessful people who have learned techniques when it comes to how to study programming language by themselves. Many students, however, still doubt themselves on whether they can do programming alone without the help of an instructor.

Here is some good news. If you learn to program, you can achieve it. you need extra effort to succeed. Also, be proactive through looking for information everywhere and learning from mistakes quote programming available. With this, you will become a programmer.

  1. Inconsistent use of lowercase ad uppercase

The rules of using lower and uppercase are difficult for programming beginners. The conventions of one language are different for the other language. Therefore, ether is no shortcut for programming students. They have to learn them all around. Some languages used in programming are sensitive. For instance, “Object” and “object” are different words when programming.


The above article has dealt with common mistakes beginner programming students make. There are other mistakes that students make. Focusing on the above common mistakes will save you from wasting time when doing programming.

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