What is the Network?

  1. Provide a two way communication conduit between institutions and agencies and organizations
  2. Encourage best practices and research in the field of behavioral health in higher education
  3. Provide technical assistance and the facilitation of training for institutions of higher education
  4. Identify emerging issues

The Network applauds its member institutions for the work they are doing and the progress they are making in the field of prevention. We pledge to continue to support these institutions and to serve as the voice of the field.

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NEWS Items:

The Network announces new partnership with HECAOD

Partnership Announcement

SAMHSA and the Dept. of Education partner to create and fund new resource center for colleges and universities.

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New standards released by CAS for work in AODP.

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Originally formed in partnership with the U.S. Department of Education, The Network has grown to involve approximately 1,500 institutions of higher education. One of the first initiatives of The Network was the establishment of a set of standards for member institutions. The Standards serve as very durable guidelines for institutions of higher education addressing alcohol and other drug issues on their campuses and in surrounding communities. These standards reflect current research on effective prevention approaches that include individual, educational, and environmental strategies.

The Margaret J. Barr Student Research Award was established in 2005 and first awarded in 2007. The award was created to provide a biennial research grant to one or more students conducting research which would enhance and further the goals or mission of The Network. This award has been, and will continue to be important to the AODV field. The award is a way to encourage new research that informs institutions and individuals in the AODV field. It also serves to help shepherd new researchers and emerging experts in the AODV field by offering both graduate and undergraduate students an opportunity and the resources to contribute to the knowledge and work of the field.

The University of Michigan is one of 135 recovery communities for college students across the nation. In its third year on the Ann Arbor campus, the efforts made on campus have provided great benefit for several students. As accurate as I believe its points are, it is nonetheless quite “gritty” in its presentation and therefore not likely to garner much support from faculty or senior administrators. That said, it is an interesting read nonetheless…and perhaps an area on which the New and Improved Network might shine some light…along with the importance of attending to the 80% of college students who are not frequent binge drinkers in order to learn from them regarding prevention efforts for higher ed.

Online Training from The Network
This training was developed by the Illinois-Wisconsin region from information provided by The Network and the Higher Education Center for Alcohol, Other Drug Abuse, and Violence Prevention. If, after reviewing the training, you have questions about the biennial review process or other issues around alcohol and other drug abuse (AODA), please contact your Regional Director whose contact information can be found on the Volunteers page of this website.

Prescription Drug Training
The development of this online training was funded by the Illinois/Wisconsin Region of The Network. It is designed to be an INTERMEDIATE level training for prevention practitioners. There are ten parts to the training along with corresponding handouts. Save the files to your desktop and open.

The real story about addiction

Teens hear of alcohol and drugs from their friends and families and they become interested in it. Although they just want to quench their curiosity, drug use and alcohol use soon develop into something that they just cannot control anymore. They start looking for an artificial paradise, trying to fill that void inside their mind and soul. But their bodies will get used to the effects and, as a consequence, they will use more and more of it.

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