Join The Network

Member insitutions have joined The Network to demonstrate their commitment to the health and safety of their students as they work toward reducing alcohol, other drug abuse, and violent behavior.

Why Join?

  1. Raise prevention on the campus agenda
  2. Information sharing
  3. Technical assistance from peers
  4. Collaboration with other professionals
  5. Access to current resources, including this website
  6. It’s free!

How to Join The Network

The Network Standards, first developed in 1987 and periodically renewed, define the criteria for institutional membership. Network members are expected to embrace the principles and procedures outlined within the five areas of policy, education, enforcement, assessment. and community collaboration. For additional information, view The Network Standards or contact the Higher Education Center. To join The Network, your campus chief executive officer must submit a letter indicating your institution’s commitment to working toward The Network Standards. The letter should be addressed to: Mr. John Watson.

Originally started as a program in addictions counseling, it has evolved into what its founder, Professor Carl Andersen, calls an “addicts to scholars” program. While “sober housing” is not currently part of the program, recovering students tend to self-select to live together, thereby creating something approaching de facto sober housing.

Sample Letter of Request

Dear Mr. Watson:
Our campus, (name of your institution), wishes to join The Network Addressing Collegiate Alcohol and Other Drug Issues. I have reviewed The Network Standards, and we are committed to working toward these Standards on our campus. We understand that joining The Network provides us access to information exchange and resources at the regional and local levels.

(Name of individual and position title) will be the contact person for our campus. Attached are the name, complete mailing address, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address for this person. Please subscribe our contact person to The Network’s electronic mailing list in order to keep us updated of national and regional announcements. Our institution looks forward to working with The Network within our region and at the national level.

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