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National Forum for Senior Administrators – January 14, 2010
The Network will host this year’s National Forum for Senior Administrators on Thursday, January 14, 2010. We welcome presidents, chancellors, trustees, vice presidents, and deans to join in this collegial meeting with peers to consider leadership strategies designed to promote safe and healthy living, learning environments. This year's National Forum will address threats to student success and safety along with their associated issues. It will feature a panel of national experts.

Scholarships Available for NAADAC Conference
Those who have been in the addiction profession less than five years, have an economic need and members who are leaders in the profession and NAADAC may submit an application. NAADAC will be looking for applicants from diverse practice areas, such as faith-based, community settings, adolescent practice, homeless shelters and opiate replacement therapy.

It has never been easier to write to congress to express your opinion on AODV legislation than with CADCA’s new web based Legislative Action Center. At this site you can search congress persons and senators by zip code, identify key legislative issues with an AODV focus, register to receive CADCA Legislative Alerts when action is required on key legislative issues and have a note sent to colleagues or groups asking that they address the legislative issue of importance. Suggestions regarding news items, Internet resources, and other timely information are always welcomed and will be considered for inclusion in subsequent editions of “News From the Front.”

As addictions treatment professionals deliver their services with increasing effectiveness to adolescents and young adults, there are growing numbers of “recovering” students attending or planning to attend college. Although colleges and universities are paused on the cusp of making significant inroads to changing the campus drinking culture with innovations including Social Norming campaigns, environmental management, and harm-reduction based interventions with high-risk drinkers, campuses remain a high-risk environment for students early in their own personal recovery from an addictive disorder. Nationwide, there is new attention being paid to this population of students by colleges and universities. In Lubbock Texas, the Center for the Study of Addiction offers 45 scholarships to recovering students to enroll in the program at Texas Tech.

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