Biennial Student Research Award

The Margaret J. Barr Student Research Award was established in 2005 and first awarded in 2007. The award was created to provide a biennial research grant to one or more students conducting research which would enhance and further the goals or mission of The Network. This award has been, and will continue to be important to the AODV field. The award is a way to encourage new research that informs institutions and individuals in the AODV field.  It also serves to help shepherd new researchers and emerging experts in the AODV field by offering both graduate and undergraduate students an opportunity and the resources to contribute to the knowledge and work of the field.

Past Recipients

Katherine Luke, University of Michigan

  • Reconsidering Masculinity and Femininity: Implications for Preventing Sexual Violence and Alcohol Abuse among High-Risk College Students

Ross Aikins, University of California, Los Angeles

  • Academic Performance-Enhancement Drug Use Among College Students

Diane Logan, University of Washington

  • Alcohol Interventions for Mandated Students (Project AIMS)

At this time, The Network has not yet announced a competition for 2013-2014.